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Sorry for the lack of comfort. Before establishing this APRIL Wiki, at that time we did not found a wiki from the APRIL girl group on Google because it was difficult to find. And after making this wiki it was finally found. And there are two APRIL wikis namely first APRIL Wiki(deleted) and second with different founders. We accidentally founded this wiki because it's hard to found. Can anyone please delete the two different wikis?


Welcome to APRIL Wiki! This is a wiki completely dedicated to APRIL, the 6 member gir group under DSP Media! This wiki is currently under construction so please enjoy your stay here! Thank you for joining this wiki and please help expand it!


Oh! My Mistake

The Ruby


Featured of October 2021!

Featured Member

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Chaewon (Hangul:채원) born as Kim Chae-won (Hangul:김채원) as of Nov 8, 1997 is a south korean singer and dancer under DSP Media. Chaewon was born in Gongju, South Chungcheong Province, South Korea. Chaewon pre debut competed in KARA Project where she finished 4th place but did not debut with KARA. Chaewon has also acted in many K-dramas such as “Reply Pyeongchang, 100°F” as the female lead. Read more

Featured Album

APRIL Oh-e-Oh (Normal Edition) album cover.png

Oh-e-Oh is the 2nd Japanese single album released by APRIL. It consists of 4 total tracks with the lead single Oh-e-Oh (Japanese ver.) and the B-side of The Blue Bird (Japanese ver.).


Korean Version

MV APRIL(에이프릴) Oh! my mistake(예쁜 게 죄).jpg

Japanese Version

-MV- April Japan 2nd Single Album「Oh-e-Oh」 Music Video.jpg


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